Ed Sheeran Expresses Immense Pride in Harry Styles

Ed Sheeran Expresses Deep Pride in Long-Time Friend Harry Styles

In a recent appearance on The Sprout Podcast, Ed Sheeran took a moment to reflect on his enduring friendship of 13 years with Harry Styles, expressing immense pride for the accomplished musician whom he describes as the “biggest solo artist in the world.”

Recalling their journey from being members of the world’s biggest boy band to becoming successful solo artists, the 32-year-old singer commended Harry’s remarkable rise to the top. Ed couldn’t help but emphasize how amazing it has been to witness Harry’s evolution and expressed his profound pride in his friend’s achievements.

During the podcast conversation, Ed also shared a delightful anecdote about a shared milestone they experienced together. By a delightful twist of fate, they were both staying at the same house when they received the news that One Direction’s hit song “What Makes You Beautiful” and Ed’s 2011 album “+” had both reached number one on the charts simultaneously.

In addition to his friendship with Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran also touched upon his bond with Taylor Swift. He highlighted the rare connection they share as solo artists who understand each other on a profound level due to their shared experiences and the unique challenges they face at their level of success.

Ed’s words of admiration for Harry Styles and his fellow artists showcase the depth of their friendships and the mutual respect they have developed over the years.