Exeter and Torquay experience high street revival as footfall surges by 103%.

Endorse Radio in Exeter City

A surge in footfall activity on Tuesdays is revitalizing town and city centers across the South West, as revealed by footfall and location visitor behavior data provider, Place Informatics. The data shows a remarkable 103% increase in footfall in March 2023, indicating a significant shift in hybrid working patterns over the past year. This trend reflects how many individuals are choosing to work in the office on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, leading to increased engagement in shopping and social activities during lunch breaks and commutes. The comprehensive report covers ten cities and towns in the South West region, with Bristol, Wells, and Poole experiencing the most notable year-on-year growth in footfall. Tuesdays have become the second busiest day, even surpassing Sundays in some locations. Place Informatics’ mobility location data analysis provides valuable insights into visitor behavior, helping businesses and local councils understand and cater to their needs effectively.