Keyham Shooting: Police Meeting Disrupted Amidst Ongoing Investigation

A scheduled police meeting in Keyham has been abruptly abandoned following the tragic shooting incident that recently took place. This article discusses the impact of the incident on the local community and the subsequent cancellation of the meeting. The residents of Keyham are still reeling from the shock of the recent shooting incident that unfolded […]

Excitement Brews as Topsham’s Fire Station Considers Transformation into a Brewery

In an exciting development for the town of Topsham, plans are underway to potentially convert the local fire station into a brewery. This article explores the prospects of this transformation, highlighting the potential benefits it could bring to the community. Topsham’s fire station has long served as a symbol of safety and protection for the […]

Family Swept Out to Sea: A Harrowing Incident and the Importance of Water Safety

In a terrifying incident that unfolded along the coast, a family was swept out to sea, highlighting the critical need for water safety awareness. This article recounts the harrowing event and emphasizes the significance of taking precautions near the water. Tragedy struck when a family found themselves in a perilous situation after being caught in […]

M5 Crash in Gloucestershire Causes Traffic Disruption

A major traffic incident on the M5 in Gloucestershire has resulted in significant disruptions and delays for commuters and travelers. This live update provides the latest information on the crash and its impact on the region. The M5 crash occurred earlier today, causing a partial closure of the motorway and subsequent congestion in both directions. […]

Samuel Cunnington Reported Missing in Bovey Tracey: A Community Rallies Together

In Bovey Tracey, a small town nestled in the heart of Devon, the community has been left deeply concerned following the disappearance of Samuel Cunnington. The local authorities and residents have united in their efforts to locate Samuel, extending their support and spreading awareness in the hope of finding him safe and sound. Samuel Cunnington, […]

A man sustains severe injuries following an incident on the train tracks in Exeter.

Last night, near Exeter St Thomas, a man was rushed to the hospital with injuries that are expected to alter his life, after an incident on the train tracks. The authorities were alerted around 8pm, prompting the immediate response of police and paramedics. Consequently, train services between Exeter St Davids and Newton Abbot were temporarily […]

Evaluating the Future of Torbay Airshow

The Red Arrows in Devon

The English Riviera Airshow delighted tens of thousands of spectators over the weekend, showcasing thrilling aerial spectacles against the backdrop of Torbay’s stunning landscapes. However, the leader of Torbay Council has raised concerns about the hefty £250,000 price tag associated with the event, prompting discussions about the feasibility of continuing it in the future. There […]

Devon expected to experience higher temperatures than certain regions of Spain

A Busy Beach in Devon

Devon is poised to enjoy a weekend of glorious sunshine, rivaling the temperatures seen in Spain. High pressure systems are bringing a sustained period of warm weather, promising a fine outlook for the upcoming week. On Saturday, Exeter is expected to reach a temperature of 21°C, surpassing the anticipated heat in Barcelona. Other parts of […]

Devon to experience a 24C heatwave as confirmed by the Met Office for the upcoming week

Met Office’s Response to Reports of UK Mini-Heatwave: Forecast for Devon Next Week In response to the reports of an upcoming mini-heatwave in the UK, the Met Office has provided insights into the weather conditions expected in Devon next week. While Brits have been enjoying the delightful weather recently, with temperatures reaching a minimum of […]